YKNR Games

Liam Brindley (aka YKNR) is a games developer for both tabletop and computers. They have high interest in emergent gameplay (interaction between systems creating unforeseen gameplay). Due to this interest, they create more mechanic focused games than story ones.

You will find more on this page as new games are published.

  Asteroid Rush was made for Becker IGDA’s 48-hour arcade jam. The theme was to make a coin eater. It can be considered a pacifist mashup of asteroids and galaga. You have the one dimentional movement of galaga, and the fear of crashing you get in asteroids. Yet the shooting has been removed, allowing for a faster game-speed to amp up the action in later stages. For controls, it only uses the two analog sticks on a traditional gamepad. This means that the user never has to remove their hands from the controls, letting twitch gameplay be less revolved around finger gymnastics. This seems to allow gameplay enjoyment regardless of skill level (an issue I find with traditional twitch games).
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